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Jul 24, 2017
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Kiribian at 70.000 views. Winner gets a lineless half body pic (since those come out the best) and 300 :points: 

6 deviants said Stalking
1 deviant said You forgot the 66.666 (views came in way faster than I anticipated O_O)



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Tue Dec 15, 2015, 11:46 AM
Glad they made you laugh XDD
Sat Nov 8, 2014, 7:44 PM
I love those anti mary sue rage comics!
Sun Oct 5, 2014, 6:06 AM
dances o3o umf umf XD
Fri May 30, 2014, 2:33 AM
ermagerd its a party now!
Fri May 23, 2014, 2:53 AM


Fighter Not Lover Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 15, 2017, 11:23 AM

So I was browsing through old notes pretty much just screwing around and found this little gem I did a few years ago. I figured I would do this again since I make a new journal m'bout twice a year. Also feeling the Oc inspiration flowing.

1. Your OC can't touch the interviewer for whatever reason you choose.
2. You may use multiple OCs but it was created with the idea of one OC.
3. This was created for those who have killed. If they haven't killed, get out.
4. Made to test the reactions of OCs, sorry for being so damn impolite! I really am D:
7. You don't need to tag, that question may be used for extra SASS from your OC towards the most charming interviewer. xP

Necrocity Watermark by 2050

1. Hey, what's your name?
:bulletred: Necrocity

2. How old are you?
:bulletred: Age becomes irrelevant after you're dead. I've lost count of the years, OKAY?!

3. And your gender?
:bulletred: Female. 

4. Fine. What are/were your parents like?
:bulletred: Permanently disappointed

5. We all need someone to watch our back, is there anyone to take care of you?
:bulletred: Decaylis. When she feels like it...=_=

6. I see...In your opinion, are you a lover or a fighter? Don't say both.
:bulletred: Fighter. That's why I've been reanimated

7. And what do you think people view you as?
:bulletred: A soul eating meat grinder.

8. Talking of lovers, have you got a girl/boyfriend?
:bulletred: Never had one 

9. If not, why not? Do you think it's your fault or do you think it's their loss?
:bulletred: Waste of time.

10. If you do, what are they like?
:bulletred: They're like the voices in my head telling me to eat your face.* Growls.*

11. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Describe your life in one word.
:bulletred: Hunger

12. Do you have a goal in life? In love?
:bulletred: Consuming the enemies of the empire until all who oppose are no more *Smirks.*

13. Ever wanna have kids?
:bulletred: Suuuure especially with my shriveled up ovaries. You can bet I'll be having a litter any day now *rolls eye.*

14. How would you like to die?
:bulletred: Been there done that kiddo.

15. I'm sure we can arrange it for you soon. What's your favorite weapon?
:bulletred: You have a death wish don't you? *flashes claws.* i'll leave that to your imagination.* 

16. Where do you live?
:bulletred: Palace catacombs. 

17. Sounds awful, how do you manage to live in such a dump?
:bulletred: *lets loose flesh eating crypt beasts and sneers.* RUN PEST!

18. What's...what's that smell?
:bulletred: Rotten flesh and mold. What did you expect? Roses?

19. It's you. You stink! When was the last time you showered exactly?
:bulletred: Probably. My last formaldehyde dunk was three months ago...

20. Mhm yeah it shows. ¬_¬
:bulletred: OOOOOOH I'm going to enjoy your flesh after this.

21. Do you have a theme tune, do you think?
:bulletred: You think I'm one to go without music?

22. Do you like it?
:bulletred: Hmph Maybe >_>

23. How do you feel about your creator (don't forget they selected this interview for you)?
:bulletred: I will haunt her nightmares tonight >:}

24. Ever killed anyone?
:bulletred: I literally EAT PEOPLE for a living.

25. Thought as much. I'm impressed. Ever killed a family member? Why?
:bulletred: If I did I can't remember. Much of what happened before my death is a blur.

26. A friend? Why?
:bulletred: I may have eaten one or two...

27. A lover? Why?
:bulletred: never had one. 

28. A cop or other law enforcer? Yu-huh, I'm not sure I need to ask why here.
:bulletred: All the time. I am active in invasion operations. 

29. And how about yourself? I mean, have you ever considered ending your life? Other than the obvious stupidly pathetic life you lead bringing you down, what else made you consider?
:bulletred: Do I look like someone who's ever been touched by depression? *rolls eyes*

30. And who/what stopped you?
:bulletred: they guy that beat me to it. 

31. If you had killed yourself, would anyone have felt bad about it? Friends, acquaintances, family, lovers?
:bulletred: Not sure if any of them are still alive to do so. 

32. And I suppose you're glad you didn't?
:bulletred: You're like a broken record right now... 

33. Yes, well great. I'd love to say it's been a pleasure talking to you but it really wasn't.
:bulletred: Like you're a fucking charmer.

34. You gonna tag any more people to do this
:bulletred: No. just to spite you. 

35. Whatever. See ya later (though I really hope not).
:bulletred: *Flesh eaters finally reach their location and start feasting on the interviewer.*
 Necrocity by 2050
About damn time! I thought I'd never finish!

This Journal Skin was designed by Zaporozhenko Vitaly (Vint26)


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